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(English Translation of G.O. No. 1839/77-6-98, dated 14.12.1998 regarding "Single Table System")

No.: 1839/77-6-98

Dated : 14th December, 1998

The Chief Secretary,
Govt. of Uttar Pradesh

All Principal Secretaries/Secretaries,
Govt. of Uttar Pradesh.
All Divisional Commissioners, U.P.
All District Magistrates, U.P.
All Head of Departments, U.P.


SUBJECT : Implementation of "NIVESH MITRA - Under One Roof" in accordance
with Industrial Policy-1998



It has been experienced by the Govt. that in spite of rich natural resources, favourable climatic conditions, fertile land, adequate human resources, wide-network of road, railway and airtransport & etc. and unlimited potential of development, desired industrial development has not taken place in Uttar Pradesh. One reason of this has been the absence of clear procedures and excessive time being taken by various departments in granting approvals etc., required for setting up of industries.

In order to create a facilitative environment for rapid industrial development and to allow the entrepreneurs to concentrate their fullest attention on productive activities, "NIVESH MITRA- Under One Roof" for industrial clearances and approvals has been provided for, under Industrial Policy-1998.

The objective of the "NIVESH MITRA-Under One Roof" is to ensure the grant of all approvals, sanctions, no-objections, licences etc., required from various departments for setting up industries, in a centralised and time bound manner so that entrepreneurs may be relieved from the difficulties of running to various departments for the same.

The responsibility of effective implementation of "NIVESH MITRA-Under One Roof" will be that of General Manager, District Industries Centre. The role of GM, DIC would not be passive but pro-active for the accomplishment of the objective of the said system. 

The following decisions have been taken by the government for effective implementation of the "NIVESH MITRA" :

1. In order to set-up an industrial unit, NOCs/Approvals/Licences etc. are required to be obtained from various departments of the State, out of which some are required to be obtained prior to setting-up of the unit and some prior to commencement of production. These approvals can be classified as first-phase or second-phase approvals, as follows:


First Phase Approvals/No-Objections/Sanctions/Licences etc. required, prior to setting-up a unit. (All of them may not be necessary for every unit).






Provisional Registration of S.S.I.


Land allotment


NOC from Pollution Control Board


Land-use permission


NOC under Land Ceiling Act


Building Map approval


Provisional Registration of Trade Tax


Electric connection for construction


NOC for Licence under Drug & Cosmetic Act


Power Sanction


NOC of Forest Department


Assurance for allotment by Excise Department


HSD storage Permission/No Objection from District Magistrate


Second Phase Approvals/No-Objections/Sanctions/Licences etc. required before starting operations. (All of them may not be necessary for every unit).






Permanent Registration of S.S.I.


Consent from Pollution Control Board.


Permanent Registration of Trade Tax


Registration under Factories Act.


Registration under Shop & Commercial


NOC from Electrical Safety Directorate Establishment Act.


Trade-Tax exemption/deferment


Licence from Food Department


Licence under Drugs & Cosmetics Act


Excise Licence (U.P.)


All the Application Forms for obtaining No-Objections/Approvals/Licences etc. will be made available through District Industries Centre, in the form of Booklet 'A' and Booklet 'B'. Booklet 'A' will contain the application forms for the formalities required in the first-phase while Booklet 'B' will contain the application forms for the formalities required in second-phase. Each booklet will be priced at Rs. 50/- only. These application forms will be printed centrally by Udyog Bandhu and made available to all DICs and the account of their printing cost shall be maintained separately.

Since land happens to be the primary requirement for setting up of any industry and it is necessary to give details of land for obtaining approval from several departments, hence, if the entrepreneur wants to apply for the allotment of industrial-land/shed, then the application form of UP State Industrial Development Corporation/Directorate of Industries for allotment of land/shed shall be made available separately by GM, DIC. The disposal of this application form shall also be done through the same system, which is being prescribed, for other application forms.The work relating to the allotment of land/shed in the industrial area developed by UPSIDC and Directorate of Industries shall be completed within maximum one-month's time. 

2. The entrepreneurs, after filling up the forms of all the departments, as may be necessary, complete in all respect, enclosing prescribed documents and payment of fees as per procedure prescribed by differentdepartments, may submit the same at District Industries Centre between Monday the Thrusday. GM, DIC, upon receipt of the said form, will issue an acknowledgement to the entrepreneur in which a Code number will be allotted after ensuring that the form has been duly filled-up and that the documents are enclosed as per check-list. At the time of receipt of application form itself, the entrepreneur will be advised to contact District Industries Centre on next Wednesday for clarification/correction, if any.

3. All the departments will nominate the officers of the rank mentioned in Annexure-II, who would be well acquainted with the rules, procedures and formalities etc. relating to their department, as Nodal Officer for NIVESH MITRA. The Nodal Officers of each department will visit District Industries Centre of Friday of every week and will scrutinise the application forms related to their department, received from entrepreneurs, to check whether the application form has been duly filled-up, and is accompanied with prescribed enclosures and fees or not. In case there is any deficiency in the application form, the same will be intimated in writing immediately to GM, DIC and the GM, DIC would understand the same completely. In those districts where the district level officers of Labour Deptt., Fire Deptt., and Electrical Safety Deptt., are not posted, GM, DIC will send the forms to their regional authority each Friday and the concerned department would inform the GM, DIC of any deficiency in the form, either on the same day or positively by following Monday. Thereafter, no other document/information will be demanded in respect of the completeness of the application form. The Nodal Officers will not raise unnecessary objections and Senior Officers of concerned departments, by inspecting "sample-cases" from time to time, will ensure that unnecessary and unreasonable objections are not being raised.

4. GM, DIC would give written information of the objection raised by the Deptts. to the entrepreneurs, when he contacts his office on next Wednesday. The entrepreneur would, after making necessary correction re-submit the completed form on next Wednesday at District Industries Centre, which would be received by GM, DIC after checking its confirmity to the checklist of the concerned department. At this stage the application form would be treated as complete in all respect and no other paper or document would be demanded in respect of the application after this. 

The entrepreneur will be intimated a date for decision on his application forms. The application forms so completed, would be handed over to the nominated nodal officers present on Friday by GM, DIC. In those districts where officers of Labour Deptt., Fire Deptt. and Electrical Safety Deptt. are not posted, the application forms would be sent to their regional authority by GM, DIC. In repsect of those departments where the powers of grant of sanctions/approvals are vested in "Udyog Bandhu", the same would be presented in the next meeting of "Udyog Bandhu" for decision as per prevalling procedure. Each department would make available the written intimation of its decision in respect of the application form within prescribed time schedule (Annexure-I) to GM, DIC. The maximum time limit as prescribed in Annexure-I has been finalised with the consent of all the concerned departments.

5. In case, after receipt of so completed forms, the decision of any department is not received by GM, DIC within the prescribed time schedule then, GM, DIC will be required to issue 'Deemed Approval' in respect of said application under his signature to the entrepreneur. Except for cases where deemed-approval claim is not applicable, as mentioned in Annexure-I, this will be considered as final approval for industry to proceed ahead. After issuing the certificate of Deemed-Approval, GM, DIC will also refer each such case to District Magistrate, who will get an inquiry conducted into the reasons of delay through a competent officer, of the rank of Chief Development Officer. He shall fix responsibility for non-compliance and suggest penal/corrective action to the competent departmental authority.

6. The monitoring of implementation of "NIVESH MITRA-Under One Roof" shall be done by District Udyog Bandhu at district level and high-level committee at State level every month and the responsibility of presenting the monthly report will be that of GM, DIC, who will function as the "Secretariat" of this scheme.

7. The functional centres of "NIVESH MITRA-Under One Roof" would be as follows:

District Industries Centre

Projects having fixed capital investment up to Rs.25.00 Crores (excepting NRI projects and 100% EOU projects)


State Level Udyog Bandhu

  1. Projects having fixed capital investment above Rs.25.00 Crores.

2. 100% Export Oriented Units.

3. NRI projects.


8. The system of sanction in Noida and Greater Noida shall remain as before.

9. For the projects which come under the purview of 'Udyog Bandhu' Head Quarter, Lucknow, the above mentioned operational scheme will be applicable as well.

10. "NIVESH MITRA-Under One Roof" shall become fully effective wef. 01.01.1999 and the general responsibility of its successful implementation will be that of all the heads of concerned departments.

Yours faithfully,
(Yogendra Narain)
Chief Secretary


Encls.: Annexure-I and Annexure-II
Copy : sent to the following for information & necessary action :-
1. Commissioner & Director of Industries, Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur
2. All Divisional Additional/Joint Director of Industries, Uttar Pradesh
3. All General Managers, District Industries Center, Uttar Pradesh

(Rohit Nandan)
Industrial Development
Govt. of Uttar Pradesh


Maximum Time Limit for Decision in Respect of Sanction / No Objections / Licence Etc.,
To be granted to Entrepreneurs


(a) Issuance of provisional registration of Small Scale Industries including the grant of No-Objection Certificate for 220 types of non-polluting Small Scale Industries. (Instant / Same Day)

(b) Permanent Registration of Small Scale Industries, which One month. includes the grant of pollution control consent certificate to non-polluting Small Scale Industries. The application of the industry for consent from Pollution Control Board would be received by the nodal officer of Board at District Industries Centre issuing acknowledgement whereafter the pollution control consent will also be incorporated in the permanent registration certificate of the Small Scale Industries of the above mentioned category. (One Month) 


(a) Sanction of power load for construction (One Month)

(b) Sanction of power load for production (One Month)

Note: In case the application for sanction of both types of power loads is submitted simultaneously, the time limit for the decision will be one month in respect of both of them.


(a) Issuance of No-Objection Certificate:

1. For 29 types of highly polluting industries (Four Month) 

2. For industries other than those mentioned above and other than 220 types of non-polluting Small Scale Industries.(One Month)

Note: For industries of hazardous nature, the rule of deemed approval will not be applicable.

(b) Grant of Constant

1. For 29 types of highly polluting industries (Four Month)

2. For Small Scale Industries other than those the category mentioned above (Acknowledgement of  application forms itself is "consent")

3. For low-polluting medium and large industries other than those of 29 types as mentioned above. (One Month)

Note: For industries of hazardous nature, the rule of deemed approval will not be applicable.


(a) Temporary registration of Trade Tax (Three Days)

(b) Permanent registration of Trade Tax (Thirty Days)

(c) Inspection report for Trade Tax exemption/deferment. (Thirty Days)

(d) Decision at Commissioner's level after submission of inspection report for Trade Tax exemption/deferment. (Thirty Days)


(a) Approval prior to construction of factory building/use as a factory

(1) For non-hazardous industries (One Month)

(2) For hazardous and major hazardous industries. (Sixty Days)

(b) Registration/Licence under the Factories Act.

(1) For non-hazardous industries (One Month)

(2) For hazardous and major hazardous industries. (Sixty Days)

(3) Registration as Shop and Commercial Establishment. (One Month)

Note : The rule of deemed approval will not be applicable in case of industries of hazardous and major hazardous type.


No-Objection relating to fire safety from Fire Officer. (One Month)


(a) Declaration of land as non-agricultural section-143.  (One Month)

(b) Proceedings under section-154 of U.P. Zamindari Abolition Act. (One Month, but the rule of deemed approval will not be applicable)


9. Permission/No-Objection from District Magistrate's level for storage of HSD. (One month, but the rule of deemed approval will not be applicable)


(a) No-Objection for grant of licence (One Month)

(b) Drug licence (after establishment) (Sixty Days)


(a) Allotment assurance from State Excise Department (One month)

(b) Excise Licence (One month)


No-Objection from Divisional Forest Officer (for industries based on forest) (Sixty Days)


No-Objection for Electrical Safety (One Month)

  14. Permission Urban Land Ceiling Act (Two Months)

15. Building Map approval by Development Authority / Municipal Corpration /Municipality / Town Area or notified area (One Month)


Application for permission under Urban Land Ceiling Act to be decided within maximum time limit of two months (GO No 415/77-6-99 dated 30 March 1999)

The building approval application of notified areas will be sent by General Manager, District Industries Center to the office of prescribed authority every Friday (GO No. 972/77-6-99 dated 5 May 1999).

The application relating to U.P.P.C.B. in respect of Districts where their officers are not located shall be got received at their regional offices by G.M., DIC each Friday (GO No. 457/77-6-2000 dated 23 March 2000).


Annexure - II
Nodal Officers to be Nominated by Different Departments Under "NIVESH MITRA"


Name of Department



Directorate of Industries

General Manager, District Industries Centre


U.P. Pollution Control Board

Regional Officer, U.P. Pollution Control Board/Officer of minimum Class - II level nominated by Regional officer.


Land Use Permission

Sub Divisional Magistrate


Trade Tax Department

Trade tax officer


U. P. State Electricity Board

Sub Divisional Officer


Drug Controller

Asst. Drug Controller or Officer nominated by him/Drug inspector


Forest Department

Sub Divisional Forest officer


Excise Department

District Excise Officer


Permission/ NOC from District Magistrate for Storage of HSD

Add. District Magistrate


Urban Land Ceiling

Add. District Magistrate


Factories Act

Asst. Director of Factories


Electrical Safety Department

Asst. Director, Electrical Safety


Food Department

Deputy Divisional Marketing officer


Development Authority / Municipal Corporation / Municipality

Assistant Engineer


Fire Safety Department

Fire Officer / Officer nominated by Superintendent of Police


Shop and Commercial Establishment Department

Labour Officer


U.P. State Industrial Development Corporation

Regional Manager or the Officer of minimum Class - II level nominated by him.


Infrastructure & Industrial Development Department

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