Brief Introduction 


The Small Scale industries & Export Promotion department holds the key towards economic development of the state. State Government has been devoting considerable attention to the growth of industry by creating necessary infrastructure to ensure sustained industrialization in Uttar Pradesh. 


Objectives of the department

Ø  To provide competitive cost effective and fast services to the industry in UP

Ø  To have industry base in Uttar Pradesh that is recognized world wide for quality environmentally friendly & cost effective

Ø  Providing facilitation forums for resolving industrial problems to enhance the growth of industrial environment

Ø  To plug in the information gaps and thereby increase the industry awareness department

Ø  Generate gainful/meaningful employment

Ø  To provide training to entrepreneurs

Ø  To develop industrial data base in all major fields

Ø  To provide support for trade information's & fairs

Ø  To provide quality support testing, patents, copyrights information & support system

Ø  To assist craftsman by adequate industrial & social database and marketing support by Urban meats virtual sites etc

Ø  Promote & Assist Export from the State.


Details of Approvals/NOCs/Clearances issued


Prior to setting up the unit


1.                  Registration with Industries Department:


Ø  Entrepreneurs Memorandum Form - 1 with District Industries Center, for Micro, Small & Medium Scale Industries. Presently units having investment upto Rs. 25 Lacs in Plant & Machinery are termed as Micro, Rs. 25 Lacs to Rs. 5 Crores as Small and Rs. 5.00 crores to Rs. 10 crores as Medium. However, this is an optional requirement, though the entrepreneurs are advised to submit Form - 1 in DIC and obtain the acknowledgement along with Entrepreneur Memorandum Number, since it gives them an identification and sometimes it is also required by some departments. 


Ø  Industrial Entrepreneur’s Memorandum has to be filed with the Secretariat for Industrial Approvals (SIA), Ministry of Industries, Government of India for all Heavy industries and those not requiring Industrial License. (Presently 9 category of industries, are required to obtain industrial license from Ministry of Industry, Government of India from time to time). For Details click here



2. Land allotment from Industrial Development Authority/or shed Allotment from District Industries Center

3 If land is private, land-use conversion declaration from District Authorities and permission under Section 143 of UP Zamindari abolition and Land Reforms Act 1950. For Details click here



B.  After Commencement of Production /Activity


1.         Registration with Industries Department.


Ø  Entrepreneurs Memorandum Form II with District Industries Center for Micro, Small and Medium Scale Industries.


Ø  Filling Industrial Entrepreneur Memorandum (Part-B) with SIA for Heavy Industries and those not requiring Industrial License. (presently 9 categories of industries, are required to obtain industrial license from Ministry of Industry, Government of India. However, this categorization is subject to changes from time to time) For Details click here


Other Useful Information


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