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Pre-legislative Feedback

Udyog Bandhu from time to time will publish draft business related acts, rules and regulations and publish the comments / feedback received and how they were addressed in the final policy. Stakeholders can submit their feedbacks/ suggestions below –


Draft Policies

Final Policies

·    Industrial Investment and Employment Promotion Policy of Uttar Pradesh 2017

·  Industrial Investment and Employment Promotion Policy of Uttar Pradesh 2017 

·     Civil Aviation Promotion Policy of UP - 2017

·     Civil Aviation Promotion Policy of UP - 2017  (Relevant comments from citizen have been considered)


The draft has been finalized after considering comments/feedback from various stake holders and citizens


Comments received from various stake holders and citizens 

Sr No. Name Comments Company/Firm/Society Remarks
1.  Jai Agarwal  

A clarification needed that all projects including new units, expansion or diversification that shall commence commercial production on or after 1st April 2017 shall be entitled to the benefits of the policy if they have not been sanctioned benefits under IIPS 2012 .

Many plots in UPSIDC Industrial area are lying vacant either due to some litigation or units getting sick & various other reasons. The
allotment procedures of UPSIDC should be amended so that such plots can be put to industrial use.
 CII,Lucknow  Partially Accepted
2.  Jai Agarwal

The draft policy does not specifically mentions about improving the quality of Road, Water, Power, Drainage and general upkeep of the existing Industrial Estates and Infrastructure

The problem of electricity shortage can be handled by making the following changes in the industrial policy:

Net Metering Policy should be implemented in the true spirits

Renewable Power Obligations must be met. Annual Revenue Report should not be considered without meeting of RPO

 CII,Lucknow  Accepted
3.  Jai Agarwal  
Privatization of power distribution companies as done in Mumbai and Delhi (franchisee model) which has led to reduction in AT&C losses in the states and also led to more
reliable power supply.
Under National Waterway 1 or NW1 project six multi-modal freight terminals are being built with the support of World Bank, two of them are in Varanasi and Ghazipur cities
of Uttar Pradesh. The state government should ensure that the road connectivity of Varanasi and Ghazipur with the other cities of the state is of the best quality. Also the
industrial policy of the state should encourage the usage of waterways for transportation of industrial goods.
 CII,Lucknow  Partially Accepted
4.  Amit Gupta  
Single Window System-For devising out an effective Single window access system, government may consider implementing it through an act by law in which the time bound
provision must be constituted for e.g. a turnaround time limit should be set for the completion of procedures and approvals etc. by the department, failing which it may be
deemed an automatic approval to the entrepreneur / Investor. A nodal Agency to coordinate and supervise the same should be made effective


5.  Amit Gupta  
Labour reforms-Uttar Pradesh houses many labour intensive sectors like Textiles, handicrafts, Handloom, Real Estate, Infrastructure Development etc. We suggest to simplify
the current labour related policies to give a fillip to the new and already established industries in UP. This will also help in creating more employment opportunities.
Tourism-Tourism in Uttar Pradesh is a major source of foreign exchange earnings and enabler of infrastructure development Employment generation and cultural exchange.
Incentives may be offered to investors investing in new destinations identified by state of UP.


6.  Amit Gupta  
Single Window System-For devising out an effective Single window access system, government may consider implementing it through an act by law in which the time bound
provision must be constituted for e.g. a turnaround time limit should be set for the completion of procedures and approvals etc. by the department, failing which it may be
deemed an automatic approval to the entrepreneur / Investor. A nodal Agency to coordinate and supervise the same should be made effective.


7. Virendr Nath Gupta  
vSteps to encourage rain water harvesting has not been spelled out.
vThe object of Implementing GST is to optimize the tax burden and switch over to single tax regime. Mandi Fee should be removed and should become integral part of GST
vThere is no mention of simplification of Labour Laws and Factories Act etc. The same should also be undertaken as a priority item.
A task force should be constituted to study causes for stress in the Industrial Units and recommend appropriate measures.
 Assocham  Partially Accepted
8. Virendra Nat Gupta  
There are many local taxes prevailing at present. These should be abolished and merged with GST. This will be a true spirit of ONE NATION ONE TAX
It has sent suggestions of Ankur Udyog Ltd.
 Assocham  Incorporated under GSTN
9. Virendra Nath Gupta  
ASSOCHAMUP Suggestions related to Power in the proposed Industrial Development and Employment Promotion Policy 2017
1.The Power is an essential requirement of the industry. The Power is also an input cost in most of the industries.
2.The Uninterrupted availability of Power as committed in the Policy is to be ensured.
3.All the incentives/subsidy/rebates relating in the present Infrastructure and Industrial Investment Policy 2012 should be continued.
4.The Voltage fluctuation should be minimum.
 Assocham  Accepted
10. Arun Mathur,VP  
Activation of Single Window
A Business facilitation Unit (BFU) shall be strengthened and expended Udyog Bandhu and Nivesh Mitra both at Lucknow and in districts shall be to work as the Single window
such that an entrepreneur would not need to go to any department of the Government for clearances or any business related issue. The high powered committee of the
present Udyog Bandhu headed by Chief Minister shall meet at least once every month to issue directions on unresolved issues of entrepreneurs. In absence of the Chief
Minister, a designated senior minister will chair these meetings
Lucknow Management Association  Accepted
11. Arun Mathur,VP  

with all concerned functionaries present. BFU shall have representatives from departments at appropriate levels, all under one roof. They would be empowered to issue online clearances and would also coordinate with concerned departments for resolution of any issues. They will report to Executive Director BFU. All unresolved issues will get referred to the High Powered Committee. The proceedings of the meetings will be put in public domain.BFU will recruit computer savvy professionals who would handle online business and effectively do problem solving while working with various departments.

Lucknow Management Association  Accepted
12. Arun Mathur,VP  
High Level Political and Bureaucratic Interventions
It is proposed that Ministers be given the responsibility of developing new businesses in their constituencies and a few designated districts around and ensure that all issues
relating to existing enterprises are resolved in addition to facilitate new projects. For this, they would intercede with the concerned departments both at district and
headquarter level necessary to resolve issues and expedite matters.
Lucknow Management Association  Partially Accepted
13. Rajende Kr.Sharma  
For welcoming investors from all over the globe use of foreign languages must also be promoted.
The govt. should allocate more resources for fast disposal rate of applications.
Industrial participation to ensure skilled workforce, though duly mentioned, kindly ensure proper implementation of the same.
Placement Agreements should be introduced with upcoming projects and Skill Dept. Centers (both govt. and pvt.) to ensure employment of the youth in the state itself.
The introduction of an Act for timely delivery is also a noteworthy change.
 Sahibabad Indl. Association  Partially Accepted
14. Rajender Kr.Sharma  
Latest means of communication such as e-mail should be used to make the business practices compatible with the ones across the world.
Trade Welfare Boards should have all stakeholders and must be gender sensitive.
The Arbitration Authority (for traders) must have a representative with special legal knowledge and one with special knowledge and experience in trading.
 Sahibabad Indl. Association  Partially Accepted
15. Sonal Agrawal  
This authority should be further supported by a grievance redressal mechanism to assure accountability.
 Laghu Ugyog Bharti,Mathura  All ready incorporated
16. Amit Jain  
SIPB should be made a monitoring body and special such bodies should be made for each industrial corridor. This would facilitate the achievement of the goals and objectives
of SIPB and be its eyes and ears on the ground.
The resources of the state must be highlighted, be it the road network or the natural resources.
Industries should also be made aware of the human resource available in the state.
The process of getting subsidies should be streamlined, made accessible and widely advertised to benefit all.

Indian Industries Association

 Partially Accepted
17. Amit Jain  
UP Export Promotion Council should made a monitoring body and special such bodies should be made for each craft cluster. This would increase the pace of export promotion
and have a better outreach.
Investment Commission should be set up to ensure accountability, transparency in the proper implementation, acting as an authority filling gaps between various govt.

Indian Industries Association

18. R K Sharan  
Kindly ensure that land is allotted for automobile service station and showrooms adjacent to each other, for their efficient functioning as treatment of the two as industrial
and commercial land respectively is causing grave loss of business and inconvenience to both the service provider and customer.
With the increase of urban population in Uttar Pradesh there is a need for development of establishments and social spaces that can be used for social gatherings, weddings
and celebrations.


In 2010 GoUP has imposed 5% extra VAT on natural gas. GoI doesn’t recognise this commodity for commercial Tax. This provision is adding burden to poor farmers who are

70% of the state population .


PHDCCI, Lucknow

 All ready incorporated
19. Rakesh Sahai  
Uttar Pradesh law and order is always bad hence we want police department to get involved in protecting the incoming industrialist with some kind of green card to get their
job done on top priority.
Involve all  the industrialist from Uttar Pradesh who have been successfully running their business out of the state by way of first falicitating them.
I suggest that let the policy not be declared till  July as all are busy in implementing GST and new policy may not get full attention.
 Plastic Export Promotion Council of India/ Federation of EPZ industries Association of India  Partially Accepted
20. Ranvir Prasad
In order to provide workspace at cheaper rates, a concept for setting up flatted factories in every industrial area may also be considered especially for Hosiery, Readymade
Garments, Electronic items, Auto Components, small plastic goods manufacturer and for similar items increase in FAR of industrial land should  be considered for this purpose.
Under the policy of National Investment & manufacturing zones huge areas of land (About 6000 hectare) are to arranged/provided by the State govt . Special funds may be
earmarked for acquiring land for these NIMZ in jhansi and Auriya.





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